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Vocational Rehabilitation provides much needed support for teens and adults with Autism and other related disorders through job search, placement, retention and daily living skills that aid in cultivating independence for our clients.

RIS (Rehabilitative Instructional Services)

Focused around individualized daily living goals and offers support in functioning more independently in the work place, home, and community. Provides assistance in community living skills directed towards personal and social adjustment. This service may be provided in a group setting.

DRES (Disability Related Employment Services)

Job Development & Placement: Involves helping the client obtain meaningful and competitive employment based around client work preference. This entails helping with resume development, interview skills, applications, etc.

Job Retention: Assist the client in maintaining stable employment. This service is performed most often at the client’s place of work, but vocational skills can be worked on in a “facility based” setting (H.O.P.E. Group Office).

Vocational Rehabilitation services may be provided virtually!

If you are interested in starting services and have any questions, and/or need guidance with the Vocational Rehabilitation process, please contact our VR Coordinator, Melissa Van Hook, at

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