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Employment Services provide an array of job coaching support based on individual client’s employment goal.

RIS (Rehabilitative Instructional Services)

 Rehabilitative Instructional Services (RIS) includes a variety of time-limited objective driven instruction and activities which prepare client’s for further Vocational Rehabilitation services, in order to achieve their individualized employment goal. 

JDR (Job Development and Retention)

 Job Development & Retention (JDR) provides support in obtaining and maintaining competitive employment in integrated work environments consistent with the client’s selected vocational goal, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice.

Career Exploration

 Career Exploration (CE) provides support and opportunity to clients in researching various career fields, qualifications, and skill requirements for various jobs for which clients are interested. Clients must select 3 potential careers to explore within this service.

Coming Soon: Employment Services (with DDD)

Private Pay

Employment Services may be provided virtually!

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