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Our Story

HOPE Group was founded in 1997 by the Cairns family and started with a diagnosis of Autism in their two-year-old son. Sadly, the resources weren’t what they are now. HOPE is what they needed as they began their search for the much-needed services and therapies for their son, which proved to be a challenge. With determination, they found Project P.A.C.E. in Beaverton, OR and were fortunate enough to connect with great therapists, who immediately began to work with them and their son. After gaining strategies and support for their then young son, it was clear that many in our area could benefit from these necessary services too. For the past 25 years, HOPE Group has supported hundreds of families, children, and adults, as well as provided various services to those diagnosed with developmental disabilities, including individuals with Autism. 

Mission Statement

For the past 25 years, HOPE Group’s mission is to earn the privilege of being a trusted partner to the community and to always be the reminder that a diagnosis is not an ending point, but merely a place to begin. The main focus has, is and always will be to restore hope during times of challenge and vulnerability. We are built on the values that parents and families care most about, because we are those families too.

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