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Applied Behavior Analysis

HOPE Group offers an array of services using the principles of applied behavior analysis, including comprehensive assessments, treatment plan development, data analysis progress monitoring and direct treatment implementation by a qualified behavior technician under the supervision of our team of behavior analysts.


Our dedicated professionals work with families to develop relevant treatment goals as well as evaluate and implement individualized treatment programs. To maximize outcomes, parent’s and caregivers should be present for services and actively participate in treatment. Treatment is not a replacement to childcare.

Direct one-on-one treatment is provided in home, and then generalized into the community, education setting or other setting as the client gains new skills. The program focuses on the systematic teaching of new skills as well as the reduction of problem behavior. Through the principles of applied behavior analysis, appropriate behaviors are taught using a combination of verbal behavior approaches, discrete trial teaching and natural environment teaching. Treatment focuses on behavior support that allows clients to achieve maximum potential in the following areas:

  • Language and Communication
  • Social Skills and Play
  • Pre-academic Skills
  • Daily Living Activities


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment for Autism

This bundled service is available through self-pay or private insurance and can be used in combination with some DDD services (such as respite). This program combines parent consultation and training services with one-on-one implementation of applied behavior analysis treatment. The program is designed to maximize independence in young children diagnosed with or at-risk of Autism. To find out more about insurance coverage of ABA services, please visit Autism Speaks.


  • Autism diagnosis by a medical professional such as psychologist, neuropsychologist or developmental pediatrician.
  • Preauthorization from insurance carrier (if required)
  • Self-pay packages available.

Tricare Autism Demonstration

Tricare offers a tiered model delivery of ABA services to eligible active and retired military personnel. All services are provided by a HOPE Group behavior technician working under the supervision of a HOPE Group licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Please Visit Tricare for information on eligibility:

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