How long are your training classes?

Our training classes usually go about 3 hours. However depending on the size of the class and the topics that are discussed they may go shorter or longer.

How do I request to have a specific class scheduled that I do not see on the training calendar?

We have many various classes that we offer here at HOPE Group. If at any time you have a question about the classes we offer or if you would like to request a specific class be scheduled, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

How do I request a certificate of completion for attending the class?

HOPE Group will email a PDF copy of a certificate of attendance for classes within the ABA training series. We do not provide certificates for Article 9 or Prevention and Support. If you have any questions about certificates, please contact us for assistance.

What computer requirements do I need to be able to attend a webinar?

In order to attend a webinar, you will need access to a computer or a mobile device that has the ability to download the app that we use. We use a program called GoToMeeting and it can be downloaded as an app or from the website directly to your computer. If you are on your computer, you will need speakers to be able to hear the presentation. A microphone is not a requirement, but is recommended to be able to talk to the instructor. If you do not have a microphone, the GoToMeeting program has a chat box where you will be able to type your questions/concerns so the instructor can view them.

Do you offer training classes at various locations/times/days?

Yes, we offer training classes at our Phoenix location (main office), our Tucson office as well as a remote location in Glendale. However if we have a need in a remote area we will do our best to meet those needs through a webinar training or send a training team member if needed.

Do you offer the CEUS for attendant care that the division is now requiring families to get?

No, we do not offer the CEUs that the division is requiring the families to get.

Can I get a copy of my ART 9 certificate?

Unfortunately, no we do not release a copy of your ART 9 certificate. If you need a copy of this, you can request it directly from the division as they as well have a copy of your official certificate.

What classes count towards the yearly training requirement?

To see a list of the yearly training classes that count towards the yearly training requirement, click here. Please note that we are also now accepting college courses in special education, psychology or other related studies. If you would like to use college classes to meet this requirement, please send a copy of your unofficial transcripts to the office.

Can I take my First Aid and CPR classes through a different location?

Yes, you can. However the classes must be instructor lead and NOT online courses. If you do take outside courses, please send a copy of your cards with updated dates.