My child was just diagnosed with Autism or a developmental disability. How can I learn more about services you offer?

To learn more about our services please visit our services page.

How do I begin services with HOPE Group?

To complete an intake visit our appointment page here.

Are authorizations required for services?

In addition to intake paperwork, most of our services do require pre-authorization. To access an authorization you can call your member benefits or contact your DDD coordinator where applicable.

Who determines the specific number of habilitation/respite hours?

Habilitation and respite hours are determined by assessed need. Assessment of these services is completed by the DDD support coordinator during your annual or 90-day Individual Support Plan meetings.

Who tracks the hour usage for each service?

It is the responsibility of the parent and the provider to track all authorizations and hours used toward those authorizations.

How many hours of therapy are typically provided for ABA through private insurance?

All treatment dosages are prescribed based on assessed need and current research. For young children, intensive programming will generally fall between 25-40 hours per week while older children’s services are often reflective of school-aged scheduling. All treatment dosage recommendations are subject to plan approval.

Do I have to be home when the service is provided?

ABA Therapy and Habilitation are not a replacement to childcare services and are designed to provide training and support to caregivers. Parent participation is a critical component of all of our services provided.

Is there a fee for services?

Private Insurance companies generally have plans that include deductibles, co-pays, cost-shares and coinsurance. The Patient assumes all responsibility of these fees based on their individual plan.