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Why Work With Us?

  • Generous Holiday & Pay Time off Schedule
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Teladoc
  • 401 K (including company match)
  • Life Insurance
  • Continued education sponsorship
  • Paid licensure and certification dues

Why Arizona?

HOPE Group is an organization that provides an array of comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for individuals diagnosed with ASD and other developmental or neurological disorders across the state of Arizona. HOPE Group also offers professional training opportunities, such as independent field experience toward BACB® certification. To apply for a job at HOPE Group, all candidates must apply online.

Available Positions

Our growing team of clinical supervisors, consisting of licensed Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), is responsible for providing comprehensive, competency-based supervision of direct service staff and students working toward BACB® certification. Clinical Supervisors are full-time, licensed behavior analysts, with a minimum of 3 years experience conducting assessments, developing treatment plans, implementing treatment, supervising staff working toward certification and monitoring client and staff progress. In addition, Clinical Supervisors develop competent staff and parent training modules through the use of behavior skills training.

Clinical Supervisors work in collaboration with the management and leadership team on addressing parent and provider concerns to provide feedback and suggestions on the overall success of our clinical program. A Clinical Supervisor with an Assessment Team designation is a supervisor who specializes in a variety of assessments including but not limited to: Functional Analysis (FA), Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), the Assessment of Basic Language and Learner Skills-Revised (ABLLS-R), Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS), Verbal Behavior Milestone and Placement Program (VB-MAPP), Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) and the Essentials for Living Assessment.

Our growing team of Senior Clinicians consists of licensed  and board certified behavior analyst (BCBA)®. Senior Clinicians have the option of working part-time or full-time and are responsible for administering assessments, providing staff training and supervision, providing parent training and consultation, developing individualized treatment plans and monitoring client progress. Our current team of Clinicians consists of newly Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA)® as well as BCBA®s with several years of certified experience.

Clinicians I & II are students currently working toward certification as BCBA®. Clinician Is have completed, at a minimum, an undergraduate degree in psychology, education or behavior analysis and a minimum of 6 months of supervised experience beneath a BCBA®. Clinician IIs have completed a graduate degree in psychology, education or behavior analysis.

Clinicians I & II work in collaboration with their case consultation supervisor and clinical supervisor to provide training and consultation services to families with young children diagnosed with, or at-risk for, Autism. Included in this service is behavior analytic experience, not limited to team training, staff training, data analysis, behavior measurement, development of measurable objectives and research toward treatment planning. Clinicians I & II have the option of working full or part-time and will have ongoing training and supervision towards the assessment and development of functional behavior assessments and skill acquisition programming. Supervised experience can only meet the requirements of BACB® supervision if the clinician is an approved supervisee through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and currently enrolled in the HOPE Group supervision program.

Behavior technicians and registered behavior technicians™ are primarily responsible for the direct implementation of ABA treatment programs. Behavior technicians are responsible for data collection, assisting with data analysis and taking data toward the assessment of skill acquisition and behavior reduction. Behavior technicians work directly under the supervision of a BCBA® and are required to complete ongoing professional development training annually. Behavior Technicians are required to complete 40 hours of training in behavior analysis and are assessed annually on their knowledge of basic behavior analytic principles, data collection and ethical considerations. Registration as an RBT® through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® is recommended but not required at this time.

Direct Service Providers are primarily responsible for the direct implementation of individualized support plan programs and may provide short term relief to caregivers. Employees are responsible for providing intervention designed to maximize client functioning in the areas of behavior, social, communication, self-help, memory, organization, mobility and motor skills. Responsibilities include maintaining the safety and well-being of the individual receiving services. Direct Service Providers must meet the DDD requirements for service provision and successfully complete the HOPE Group New Hire Training.

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