I am interested in becoming an employee, what is the first step?

To become a habilitation or respite provider, click here. For all other positions, click here.

If I am a former employee, how do I become an active employee again?

Depending on how long it has been since you became inactive, you may have to start the hire process again. However, you can call the office to discuss training requirements, active certification dates and client availability.

What if I don’t have 3 references?

We are required to obtain and verify a minimum of three references for all employees. Reference forms can be found here, and can be emailed or faxed to your reference contact. Please keep in mind that the form must be completed by the individual giving the reference and we will be calling to verify this information with the individual before you are eligible for hire.

How long does it take to become an employee?

The employment process timeline factors in several variables including paperwork submission timeliness, paperwork submission accuracy, training class availability, hour availability and reference verifications. By double checking your work, and communicating your needs with the office, we are able to process your employment diligently.

Do I need a client to start working?

For habilitation and respite providers, you are required to have a prospective client prior to receiving an official hire date.

What is a hire date?

A hire date is provided by Human Resources when you complete all steps in the hiring process. This is the first day you are eligible to begin work. You are not eligible to start working until you receive a call with this information from our human resources department.

What are the entry level positions?

Our entry level positions do not require experience or education and primarily consist of habilitation and respite provider positions. We provide all of the training necessary for these positions in house at no cost to you.

What is Habilitation?

Habilitation providers are primarily responsible for the direct implementation of individual support plan programs. Employees are responsible for providing intervention designed to maximize the functioning in the areas of behavior, social, communication, self-help, memory, organization, mobility and motor skills. Habilitation providers are considered entry level and must meet the DDD requirements for services, including the HOPE Group New Hire Training. Opportunities for training, performance raises and position growth are available.

What is Respite?

Respite providers are responsible for providing short-term relief to the caregiver of the individual receiving services. Responsibilities include maintaining the safety and well being of the individual receiving services. Respite care can range from a few hours on a one-time basis to regular scheduled sessions. Similar to habilitation, respite providers are required to meet the DDD requirements for services including the HOPE Group New Hire Training.

If I have a degree, can I earn a higher wage?

To find out more information on our clinical position requirements, click here.

What trainings are required in order to become an employee?

There are 5 classes needed in order to complete the New Hire training series. Those classes are Article 9, Orientation, Habilitation Workshop and First Aid/CPR.

I already have my First Aid and CPR certifications, do I need to take them again?

If you already have your First Aid and CPR certifications you do not have to complete our training. Your certification must be from an in person class. We do not accept any online certifications.

I took an Article 9 class at my last agency, does that mean I’m certified?

HOPE Group will accept copies of certifications if the training was done by a master trainer, a qualified training agency or an individual approved by HOPE Group. To find out if your certificate will be accepted, please contact the office.

I have completed all of my classes but still haven’t received a hire date?

If you have completed all of your classes but haven’t heard from us in regards to your hire date please contact the office. This could mean that your paperwork was not completed properly or we don’t have you matched up with a client yet.

What is pre-orientation?

Pre-Orientation is a group format interview. You should plan to dress business casual, and come prepared to ask questions related to the company, employment opportunities, or your specific job responsibilities. Pre-Orientation is our way of getting to know our applicants.

Do I have to take a drug test?

While drug testing is not a requirement to be eligible for employment, we are a drug-free workplace and may require testing as a condition of ongoing employment should we see fit.

What are the advantages of becoming an employee for HOPE Group?

There are many benefits to working at HOPE Group. The benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Other employment or personal preferences
  • Flexible hours allowing you to work around class schedules
  • Excellent experience working toward career interests
  • High employment satisfaction

Does HOPE Group offer employee benefits?

Yes, HOPE Group offers medical and dental insurance as well as 401K for all eligible employees.

Is there a minimum age to become employed with HOPE Group?

Yes, all applicants must be 18 years old by their date of hire.

Are employees required to provide a copy of their high school diploma or GED?

At this time we do not verify completed education for entry level positions. In addition to the new hire trainings and passing of the criminal background check, we do require experience with electronic communications, capabilities in basic Microsoft Office and, at a minimum, high school level writing competencies.

Do I need a Fingerprint Clearance Card to work at HOPE Group?

Yes, a Fingerprint Clearance Card is required. If you already have a card, you may bring a front/back copy with you to Orientation, or you may bring the card and we can make the copy during class. If you do not already have a card, we will fingerprint you during the orientation class. The cost of the card is $67. Because the card is personal property, you are responsible for the cost of the card. We do, however, offer flexible payment options. Once you receive the card from the Department of Public Safety you can upload a front/back copy of the card here, or email a front/back copy to the office here.

I completed First Aid/CPR with an outside agency, how do I submit my cards for proof of certification?

You can submit a front/back copy of the cards via email, or by completing the form here. You may also stop by the office with the physical cards and we can make copies for your file as well.