HOPE Group provides professional training to individuals at a variety of educational levels in the area of Autism and developmental disabilities. With BCBAs available statewide, we understand the importance of utilizing these resources to increase the number of qualified specialists to meet the needs of the individuals with developmental disabilities in the state of Arizona. Our clinical supervision model provides a competency based, cohort experience in the areas of early intervention, school and classroom based application of ABA and training in severe and complex behavior disorders. Supervision is available for individuals working for outside agencies, schools or other settings. Employment with HOPE Group is preferred but not required. Remote supervision is available.

To learn more about becoming certified please visit www.bacb.com

Supervision Timeline
Spring Due Date Fall Due Date
Apply for BCBA Supervision 6/15 11/15
Interviews and Pretests will be scheduled by 6/30 11/30
Observations/Role Play will be scheduled by 7/15 12/15
Acceptance letters are Provided by 7/31 12/31
Supervision start dates are 8/1 1/1

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